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Enjoy high speed business internet

We are helping to bring ultrafast fibre connectivity to businesses in towns and rural communities in the South West.

Phase one of Jurassic Fibre’s network build began in October 2019 and covered areas around Exeter and Exmouth. 


The network is now set to reach Honiton, Taunton, Yeovil, Bridgewater and Barnstaple…and is growing all the time. Jurassic Fibre is growing in other areas, so contact us to find out more.

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Why businesses prefer leased lines

We can supply you with Jurassic Fibre's broadband products that offer speeds between 300Mbps and 950Mbps. 


We can also supply their leased lines for businesses who rely on internet and cloud-based services and can’t afford unnecessary downtime which can render staff and business processes redundant.

Leased lines are a tried and proven technology that typically deliver 99.5% reliability, plus:


  • Equal speeds for upload and download

  • Service level agreements with six-hour fixes

  • Multiple static IP addresses

  • Installation carried out by local engineers

Businesses leased lines
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Areas where Jurassic Fibre is available

Areas Jurassic is avalable
CALL US ON 01392 369369 OR EMAIL

What full fibre (FTTP) internet really means?


At present most of the infrastructure used only offers fibre to the cabinet (FTTC). This means that there are fibre cables running from the exchange to a cabinet, but only copper cables running from the cabinet to your premises.


Aside from leased lines, Jurassic Fibre is also deploying ultrafast broadband with fibre to the premises (FTTP), which means that they will connect fibre cables directly from the exchange to your business. 


It’s this direct connection that promises to offer higher speeds.

What is full fibre?
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Areas coming soon

We have been informed that Jurassic Fibre will be coming to Wellington, Marsh Green and West Hill. 

Please email us for more information.

Coming soon
CALL US ON 01392 369369 OR EMAIL

Find out more about swcomms on our main website at 


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