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Get full fibre in your street

swcomms is proud to announce our new partnership with CityFibre that allows us to provider high-speed internet connectivity to businesses in Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth and Portsmouth.

Full fibre offers speeds up to 100 times faster than basic broadband with greater reliability and service level agreements that ensure your business can work faster and be more productive. It could be available in your street right now!

View our webinar recording below.

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Why full fibre is the answer to your connectivity needs

Reliable, high-speed internet is key as businesses go into 2021 after a year that has been troubled by our exit from the European Union and COVID-19.

But not just for today. As we all become more reliant on cloud-based apps, our internet connection will be critical.


You may think you already have fibre, but for most it will be ADSL broadband or fibre to the cabinet. It is important to understand the difference between 'fibre and 'full fibre'. Find out more in our blog.

Why go full fibre?
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CityFibre champions

CityFibre, the UK’s third national digital infrastructure platform, has appointed swcomms as a City Champion for four major cities: Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth and Portsmouth. Let us quote you and get your business working faster.









CityFibre champions
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Full fibre in the UK

The UK is falling behind...full fibre is the answer

The UK falls behind many other countries when it comes to internet speeds, which means our businesses are at a competitive disadvantage.

This will not come as startling news to most businesses but they may be hood-winked into thinking that the fibre broadband connection they are already using is the best they can get.


Actually, what they should be investigating is full fibre. This will give businesses up to 100 times faster connectivity.


Imagine what you could do with that? Or imagine how much faster your business could operate? 

The infographic here gives a picture of the state of the UK's internet network and why businesses need something better. 


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