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Wi-Fi for schools

Connect the Classroom

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The Connect the Classroom scheme enables schools to enjoy the benefits of

Wi-Fi solutions to provide rich educational student experiences.



The Department of Education (DfE) is currently offering Connect the Classroom funding to schools that were eligible for the Local Full Fibre Networks (LFFN) Programme, commonly known as the rural gigabit scheme. 

Schools will need to search for suppliers that can install and support the right equipment to meet the standards of the funding, such as Wi-Fi 6 access points and a minimum five-year warranty.

This may seem a very high spec for a smaller secondary or primary school, but while new tablets, laptops, PCs and phones may be compatible with the new Wi-Fi 6 standards, they will revert to the lower standards when they are connected to older access points and will be less efficient.













Here are a few signs that your Wi-Fi hardware is no longer working well enough:

  • Dead spots with no coverage

  • Inability to connect to the Wi-Fi network

  • Slow speeds

  • Security breaches

  • Lack of guest access/guest management

  • Limited network management tools

Dead spots and a lack of coverage can only be fixed by increasing the number of Wi-Fi access points on site and in the grounds.


Modern Wi-Fi networks will also benefit from better management tools and will allow IT managers to identify areas that are struggling to handle high volumes of users and bandwidth use.

If you need help finding a Connect the Classroom solution, please do hesitate to contact us at to organise an initial site survey and to get our help with your funding application.


Marland School

swcomms listened to the schools’ growing needs and designed a solution that meets our requirements now and into the future. We now have a full communications solution from one supplier, so we only need to every turn to them if an issue arises or if we need to expand further. swcomms has been a pleasure to deal with. 

Addington School 

swcomms found a solution that allowed us to expand our school and broaden our Wi-Fi coverage for a fraction of the cost competitors were asking, because they listened to what we required.

Icknield Community College

From start to finish, swcomms ensured this project went smoothly; from detailed heat maps of the final design, through to a hassle-free installation. The Meraki system gives a great deal of transparency to my network. A highly recommended product and provider.



Find out more about swcomms on our main website: 


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